"She’s had six months to do this," my mother says angrily from the other room, as I complete the project one hour before the extended due date.

A Flashback

I’d gone away from Los Angeles for the weekend, and was on my flight back. I remember so vividly, as we were arriving into LAX, and I could see all of la spread out like a blanket of lights, this feeling I’d never had before in my life - relief. Relief to be finally returning home. The eagerness to even see my bed again, and to finally be back to ‘my’ city. I’ve never experienced that before, and it was such a heavy feeling knowing that one day I would be leaving again. 


Chris Martin photocall in Los Angeles (November 8, 2013)

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Sir Ian McKellen [x]

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Will, Nichole, & Kaiyuh the Husky | a fist full of bolts photography


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